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Release 3.1

  • New Feature allows mixed counter sales, table service and take aways.
  • Added support for QL720, Generic, and SLCS Barcode label printing.
  • Fixed a bug where mixing a scanner and the touch display got out of sync.
  • Fixed SnapsScan QR printing problem on certain printers.
  • Added Touch Pad for user login.

Release 3.0

Release 3.0 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added account status to block or freeze a client account.
  • Fixed a bug that could possibly result in slip printout corruption.
  • Added support for logo printing on slip printers that support NV images.
  • Added SnapScan EFT payment integration.
  • Added <CUT> and <ICUT> slip operators to cater for both combined and seperate Invoice / Receipt slips.
  • Added Touch Pads to improve Touch Screen interface support.
  • Using a shared slip and kitchen printer logic improved.

Release 2.9

Release 2.9 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed problem where discounts of 100% were not possible.
  • Fixed a bug where cost of inventory was incorrect in daily sales reports for items of similar descriptions.
  • Added report for voided documents.
  • Voiding a document now requires the cashier to enter a reason for the void.

Release 2.8

Release 2.8 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed a critical bug with rounding that occurred with large values.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory was not being updated when Invoices were voided.
  • Update Inventory now updates past Invoices with new Codes, Description, and Department.
  • Added support for receipt printer cash drawer kick switch.
  • Added support for label printing with barcodes.
  • Added experemental support online store synchronisation.
  • Added support for installing on windows64 bit systems. (Works with Windows7)
  • Added visual notification of license expiry pending.

Release 2.7

  • Extended Daily sales report to include more details.
  • Added report to show sales by department.
  • Improved Inventory management search function.
  • Quantities may now have 3 decimal places.
  • Added confirmation dialogue for returns.
  • Added warning dialogue when amount receipted does not cover invoice.
  • Removed F7 accelerator from Return.
  • Fixed bug in dispense where price was changing to 0,00
  • Fixed bug where Cashup5 templates were missing if not running English.
  • Fixed bug when editing an Invoice and numeric format was being lost.
  • Fixed bug that caused deposits to be shown even if disabled in Inventory.
  • Fixed bug with quantities with certain numeric formats.

Release 2.6

  • LCD now supports new numeric format.
  • Fixed a bug with numbers > 1000.
  • Fix bug where markups were not being accepted.
  • Optional Semper Interface module available.

Release 2.5

  • Added support for discount Matrix.
  • Added support for cashier reminder message.
  • Added support for adding cash sales details.
  • Added support for showing tax as exempt or applicable in invoice items.
  • Added support for locale aware numeric values, Eg. 1.23 and 1,23
  • Changed client discount to operate with discount matrix.
  • Improved support deposits and returns.
  • Improved receipt page operation when invoice selection was changed.
  • Fixed bug where some settings were not being saved, notably rounding on Windows.
  • Fixed bug where some settings were been recorded as being changed.

Release 2.4

  • Added indication of Unit Of Measure in Sales.
  • Improvements Sales interface.
  • Fixed Supplier display bug in Inventory.

Release 2.3

  • Added tri tier price structure.
  • Added support for compositions.
  • Improved Archiving of old data.
  • Added support for deposits on returnables.
  • Various logic improvements in Sales.
  • Fixed rounding bug on Linux.

Release 2.2

  • Added facility to order departments and inventory items on touch display.
  • Added facility to specify change sent for take out orders with delivery.
  • Added support for returnable items and a report for outstanding returnables.
  • Added support for "Days to Renewal" on inventory items.
  • Added support for mailing renewal notifications.
  • Changed layout for templates and help so more scenarios work straight out the box.
  • Fixed problems where it was possible to add inventory without a code or description.

Release 2.1

  • Added facility to search for Invoice number.
  • Added report for outstanding Invoices.
  • Added support to void Invoices and Receipts.
  • Slip templates may now have comments.
  • Added extensive use of Function keys to simplify operation.
  • Added automatic generation of touch icons.
  • Added quantity editing to touch interface.
  • Added support for kitchen printers.
  • Improved inventory and department management.
  • Improved report printer preview and output.
  • Prevent zero value receipts from being processed.
  • Fixed bug in audit trail.
  • Fixed bug where search on account number was not working.
  • Fixed bug where Invoice time was not saved in journal.
  • Fixed bug with balance amount on receipts.
  • Fixed bug where update inventory item would show Order To value as stock level in table.

Release 2.0

  • Added support for both 40 column and 80 column slip printers.
  • Improved print engine for reports, problems with page sizes now resolved.
  • Improved GUI interface, use of Function keys for common tasks.
  • Added parameters for both 40 and 80 column slip codes.
  • Fixed bug where printers got confused when printing to non-default printer.

Release 1.9

  • Updated GUI to fit on low res screens down to 800x600

Release 1.8

  • Added support for touch screen interface
  • Added departments, removed Services and changed Merchandise to Inventory
  • Added performance analysis report for specified period.
  • Improved database performance.
  • Changed stock management system to order fixed quantities.

Release 1.7

  • Added option to control client creation/editing
  • Added datetime, shortdate, and time keywords.
  • Added search facility in Merchandise and Services management.
  • Added facility to auto update parameters in price calculations.
  • Fixed problems with display pole and cash drawer baud rates.
  • Fixed problems with tax values in reports.

Release 1.6

  • Added support for cash drawers and pole display.

Release 1.5

  • Change Tax system to use inclusive mode. Warning, no easy upgrade, consider -support options !
  • Improved I18n support.
  • Receipting now cross references Invoices for tracking.
  • Fixed problems with database setup.

Release 1.4

  • Fixed bug where Tax1 value was being set in Tax2 value.
  • No longer exits after preferences on Windows with SQLITE.
  • Fixed problems with ' in SysInfo.
  • Banknotes not lost on Windows.
  • Interest value changes not lost on Windows.

Release 1.3

  • Receive stock should autopopulate the supplier field if possible.
  • SQLITE database install now offers a browse button for destination file.
  • Minor bug fixes with name searching.
  • Fixed problems with ' in SysInfo.
  • Fixed crash when searching a blank field.

Release 1.2

  • First public release of TuxShop.
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