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Release 4.15

  • Added HMRC (VAT DIRECT) support.
  • Fixed stock trace corruption when changing product codes or description.
  • Linux 32 Bit no longer supported.

Release 4.14

  • Added weight history support.
  • Fixed ugly style problem on Windows
  • Fixed missing help system on Windows

Release 4.13

  • Fixed bug with printing lockup on SLIP40 printers.
  • Updated of E-Mail system to newer standards, now viewable on most clients.

Release 4.12

  • Added facility to print preview of open Invoices.
  • Added void Invoice function.
  • Admin level functions now available via simple popup authentication.
  • Fixed bug with the stock level fix function in Admin.
  • Fixed bug with SnapScan printing on some slip printers.

Release 4.11

  • Added SnapScan Support.
  • Added SMS Vaccination Reminder Support.
  • Print System Overhaul, any print type instantly available.

Release 4.10

  • Fixed bug in cash drawer selection for slip printer kickout.
  • Improved performance of cashup, cashdate, and monthend reports.
  • Fixed bug where it was impossible to discount items 100%.

Release 4.9

  • Added a Debtors List to utilities, accessable from Reception.
  • Fixed bug in Owner Debt/Credit report where month shown was incorrect.
  • Added support for receipt printer cash drawer kick switch.
  • Added support for label printing with barcodes.
  • Added support for installing on windows64 bit systems. (Works with Windows7)

Release 4.8

  • Fixed bug where purge owner was not functioning.
  • Fixed multiple print copies on slip printers under Windows.

Release 4.7

  • Added logic to prevent mixing of Returns, Quotes, and Invoices.
  • Fixed bug where Tax2 control was showing Tax1 name in Dispense.

Release 4.6

  • Fixed bug in audit trail where quoted items were being reflected.
  • Fixed bug when merging patients / owners.
  • Fixed bug with backups when faulty or full media was ignored.

Release 4.5

Release 4.5 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added support for custom sheets.
  • Added Cost, Value on Hand, and Price to Stock level report.
  • Added display to show UOM in dispense.
  • Added support for returns with credit card payments.
  • Added support to reprint or preview labels associated with a past invoice.
  • Fixed bug where contents of quotes were been shown in histories.
  • Fixed bug with random crashes of label printing on slow computers.
  • Fixed bug with rounding when invalid values were specified.

Release 4.4

Release 4.4 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed bug with rounding on Linux.
  • Fixed bug in receive stock that caused spurious crashing.
  • Fixed bug in dispense where editing items could get corrupted.
  • Added checks for schedule restrictions on receive stock.
  • Automatically append printed forms into the patient document history.
  • Changed client debt report to credit and debt report.
  • Added sales Commission for goods.
  • Added support to print Auto Procedure price list.
  • Improved column sorting.

Release 4.3

Release 4.3 requires a database upgrade !
  • Label printing now supports multiple label printing.
  • Added facility to add associated remarks to any item dispensed.
  • Auto associated remarks can contain predefined parameter prompts including default values.
  • Option to retrieve Batch and Expiry information from stock system.

Release 4.2

  • Improved label printing.
  • Fixed bug with dbVetTux.
  • Fixed bug with online help system.
  • Support for Ubuntu amd64 systems.

Release 4.1

Release 4.1 requires a database upgrade !
  • Use of function keys to simplify operation.
  • Improved Dispense, stock management and stock receiving interfaces.
  • Added selectable Description length setting,
  • Added new option to disable Interest on specific accounts.
  • Added option to select mid-month or month-end statements selectable via account.

Release 4.0

Release 4.0 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added Diary filter to only selected operators.
  • Added support for both 40 column and 80 column slip printers.
  • New improved receipt page allows payments from multiple sources.
  • Added control over access to Proc and Hospital items in dispense.
  • Improved print engine for reports, problems with page sizes now resolved.
  • Improved GUI interface, use of Function keys for common tasks.
  • Added parameters for both 40 and 80 column slip codes.
  • Fixed bug where printers got confused when printing to non-default printer.
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to Receipt to invalid account.
  • Receipt now checks for 0 value errors.
  • Added support for the voiding of incorrect Receipts.
  • Added Owner VAT Number support.

Release 3.9

Release 3.9 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added support for MySQL 5.0
  • Added support for price viewing and update when receiving stock.
  • Added validators to most numeric fields.
  • Added new parameters for improved slip printer support.
  • Panasonic KX-P1150 dot matrix printer codes by default.
  • Documents can now be redirected to any available printer/fax or file.
  • Standard slip printer forms have been visually improved.
  • Fixed bug in backup of Images.
  • Windows version now supports Xp styles on Xp.
  • Selectable button colour look and feel.

Release 3.8

  • Fixed bug where schedule limits were not been honoured in dispense.
  • Fixed dispense problem where it was possible to edit and change items without validating them or checking schedule limits.
  • Improved Stock receiving to be more user friendly.

Release 3.7

Release 3.7 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed bug where < in descriptions were not printing.
  • Fixed logic error where it was possible to bully the system into accepting un-validated items without tax.
  • Improved overdue account interest handling.
  • Added Reports for pending Invoices, and list of all Clients.
  • Added Report for daily activities.
  • Receipt tab now accepts Enter in cash field as process instruction.
  • Added utility to print a price list from any Dispense category.
  • Enhanced Performance report to operate in daily or monthly mode.
  • Speed improvements galore.

Release 3.6

Release 3.6 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added Post Operative care form.
  • Added Batch and expiry fields to Medications and Goods.

Release 3.5

  • Changed Cash-Up to support no printing, its now possible to print,process or email the Cash-Up documents

Release 3.4

  • Added patient search on breed and/or colour.
  • Fix bug when a return was closed for edit that caused quantities to be negative.

Release 3.3

Release 3.3 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added Epson pole display support.
  • Added a pricing assistant to admin when managing Dispense tables.
  • Added more detailed owner expenditure report.
  • No longer increment invoice or receipt numbers when document printing is cancelled.
  • Fixed a number of minor issues with drug audit trace.

Release 3.1

  • Enhanced Owner Expenditure Report.
  • Fixed Problems with Stock control and drug trails caused by invoice editing and quotes.
  • Improved stock acceptance and now show levels in dispense.
  • Reception automatically clears on receipt when balance is 0.

Release 3.0

  • Added search facility to Dispense in Admin.
  • Improved Statement handling and printouts.
  • Improved I18n support.
  • Fixed bugs introduced related to Permissions and personnel.

Release 2.9

Release 2.9 requires a database upgrade !
  • Change Tax system to use inclusive mode. Warning, no easy upgrade, consider -support options !
  • Improved I18n support.
  • Substantial performance enhancements esp. with large data sets.
  • Receipting now cross references Invoices for tracking.
  • Credit on any payment method.
  • Improved reports.

Release 2.8

Release 2.8 requires a database upgrade !
  • Improved statement printing.
  • Drug reports and stock management improvements.
  • Duplicate suppliers can now be deleted.
  • Schedule of drugs shown on stock receive dialogue.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes. When using MySQL, 4.x+ is required.

Release 2.7

  • Added complaint tab to Consult, allowing changing of complaints before printing hospital sheets.
  • Changed working of Refund, Now Return in dispense, and Cash Refunds in Receipt.
  • Enhanced more technically correct cash up and month end reports.
  • Fixed bug in Auto procedure when using bar codes.
  • Fixed reversal of totals in the Receipt summary.
  • Fixed occasional rounding errors.
  • Fixed bug in performance reports at month end.

Release 2.6

Release 2.6 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed bug in admin when adding new vaccinations.
  • Fixed bug in schedule drug reports caused by faulty sock receiving.
  • Fixed bug when updating owners with a ' in the name.
  • Added Anaesthetic and Euthanasia consent forms.

Release 2.5

Release 2.5 requires a database upgrade !
  • Improved statements, now comprehensive statements are compiled with complete Invoice and Receipt details.
  • Added a drug report that is used to keep track of all your drugs received and dispensed. Reports can be made for any required schedule of drug.

Release 2.4

  • Added rounding and outstanding balance to Invoice templates.
  • Changed settings methodology on Linux, this should be more reliable now.
  • Enabled slip printer output.
  • Fixed bug in add new patient.
  • Fixed bug in auto procedure where prices were not correctly transferred.
  • Fixed bug that caused current patient to be used in Invoice reprints.

Release 2.3

Release 2.3 requires a database upgrade !
  • Added weight field to patients details.
  • Fixed bug relating to refunds in cashup.
  • Fixed bug in auto procedure where prices were not correctly transferred.

Release 2.2

Release 2.2 requires a database upgrade !
  • Brand new print engine, supports rich text documents with logo, slip printers, or old dot-matrix printers.
  • Invoice and Receipts can now be emailed to save our planets resources.
  • Vastly improved stock management.
  • Patient Id no longer limited to 12 characters.
  • Automatic insertion into invoice of scanned items.
  • Enter key inserts matched item in dispense, Ctrl+I is still available.
  • New backup system allows backups to be restored to any of the supported database engines using the dbInstall wizard.
  • Fast cash banknote interface in receipt simplifies cash acceptance and reduces chance of errors.
  • Record of Cheque or Card number, amount tendered, and change due now available on receipts, including archived receipts.
  • Cellular phone number field added to Owners.
  • Reception now uses splitters to improve the flexibility of the GUI.
  • Quotes can now be pulled straight into an invoice.
  • Refund facility added to Receipts.
  • Document histories now show Quotes and Refunds. It is also possible to select the time frame over which histories are located.

Release 2.1

Release 2.1 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed problems with Linux version that made 2.0-7 unusable.
  • Discounts now affect Auto Procedure items as expected.
  • Added rounding support Invoices, can be disabled with value of 0.
  • Added Image panel to Reception making it possible to fully utilise VetTux in very small clinics with only a single PC.
  • Entries in the Consult queue now show in RED if the client has an outstanding balance. The account number is also shown.
  • In complaint, the Vet field now has a combo box of all known initials. It is still possible to enter custom initials.
  • Changed default accelerator keys to avoid conflicts.
  • Document manager now shows pet name and number in the title bar.
  • Input stock now limited to Goods, Medication, and Vaccination. Negative quantities no longer accepted.
  • Admin now has a default size that does not obscure some items.
  • Support for more database types, including sqlite that may be useful for clinics with a single PC or small clinics who use X-Terminals.
  • Changed the numbering of versions to a simple Major.Minor scheme, this is more compatible with Windows™.

Release 2.0-7

  • Added indication in complaint queue for processed entries that have outstanding balances. This assists reception in ensuring payments are made.
  • The Initials field has been expanded to allow informal Owner details. For Example SALLY JONES or MRS SALLY JONES.
  • After processing in Dispense, Reception now automatically raises the Receipt Tab.
  • Added touch tone dialling assistant.
  • Fixed bug with short postal address' being corrupt on prints.

Release 2.0-6

  • Fixed bug when issuing a credit to an account with a zero balance.
  • Fixed bug with Tax Name and alternate language settings update.
  • Added ability to remove entries stuck in the queues that might occur after power failures.

Release 2.0-5

Release 2.0-5 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed bug with vaccinations not adding days to reminder to next vaccination
  • Added Bad Debtors report.
  • Support for transponder pet identification. AKA IdentyPet
  • Document editor now supports font family selection.

Release 2.0-4

Release 2.0-4 requires a database upgrade !
  • Fixed bug with dental images, and associated Breed types.
  • Added support for dual taxes such as PST and GST.
  • Items and services can now be flagged as taxable or not, including Tax1 only.
  • Added a preview facility to Statement printing.
  • Added a preview facility to Reminder printing.
  • Restructured settings architecture to eliminate problems with settings of users and "root's" global settings.
  • Improved month end reports taking possible tax options into account.

Release 2.0-3

  • Fixed sizing problems with Admin
  • Fixed problems with queueing complaints such as O'NEAL
  • Fixed problems postgresql and reminders.
  • Only one reminder per period is sent, not one every fortnight.
  • Dental images are now associated with appropriate species.
  • Specimen submission now gets personal details correct.
  • Global settings now work, be sure to remove old ~/.qt/globalrc
  • Safe printing when used in X-Terminal mode with no print spooler.
  • Added report to print names and account numbers of new clients.
  • Floppy backup tool, now has abort, also tries to first verify without format.
  • Backup script now compresses with bzip2 for smaller backups.
  • SuSE 8.1 supported with RedHat 8.0 RPM !

Release 2.0-2

  • Fixed bug when Find pressed with no data, now locates all clients.
  • Fixed/improved Installation, added missing wrapper scripts.

Release 2.0-1

  • Fixed all known bugs relating to the use of PostgreSQL
  • Improved item searching in Dispense, for example BOWL will locate all descriptions containing BOWL.
  • Applications now "remember" size and position changes"
  • Breed selection improved, for example GERMAN will locate all breeds with GERMAN in the title.
  • Changing the payment type after entering the amount received now updates the balance and/or change due dynamically.
  • New preferences editor simplifies system setup.
  • Shipping in RPM for Linux, including tools for configuration.
  • SuSE 8.0 and 8.1 support.
  • Mandrake 9.0 support.
  • RedHat 8.0 support.

Release 2.0-0

  • Notes and remarks multi line editor built into Dispense.
  • Barcode scanning .
  • Added Discount field to Invoice printouts.
  • Medication and label printing for dispensed items etc.
  • Statement and Reminder printing can be to alternate printer destination.
  • Admin sorts Owner Debt reports in alphabetical order.
  • Search on patient name now highlights located patient.
  • Document associations with patients.
  • Fixed problems with lowercase addresses.
  • Fixed bug where Days to Reminder was not being set on new Vaccine.
  • Fixed bug that left and locked busy entries in the queues when the queue selection was changed.
  • Utility to import Microvet data for painless switch over.

Release 1.0-7

  • Improved queue handling for clinics with multiple consulting rooms.
  • Sort statements alphabetically.
  • Statements not printed after max days (handed over for collection)
  • Arrears interest automatically added to late accounts.
  • Made win32 version compatible with groff, gnuplot and gsview.
  • Fixed default paths for Windows configs.
  • Changed distribution to use friendly familiar installer. Under Linux the installer can also install and configure your VetTux database server and settings. Windows uses the dbInstall application.
  • Added RedHat 7.3 version.
  • New dbInstall tool to automate the installation and configuration of the VetTux database for windows clients.

Release 1.0-6

  • Added electronic appointment book.
  • Added ID number field to Owner details.
  • Added Discount field to Owner details, automatically applies this discount in Dispense.
  • Improved quality of online help display.
  • Changed clock to show only HH:MM for better display quality on slow MS-Windows systems.
  • Allow the addition of new owners without Initials or Title for company entries.
  • Fixed bug with Owner Purchases reports.
  • Fixed bug that did not enable Statement printing utility.
  • Fixed bug in update auto procedure contents that caused the first entry to be corrupted.

Release 1.0-5

  • Added interactive price viewing during Auto Procedure setup.

Release 1.0-4

  • Fixed problems associated with searching when no entries exist for match.
  • Category descriptions now sorted alphabetically in Auto procedure setup.
  • Improved PostgreSQL database install script.
  • Improved login and logout facility.
  • Split package into multiple RPMS.

Release 1.0-3

  • Fixed problems associated with searching when using the find button or accelerator.
  • Fixed problems associated updating Auto Procedure values.
  • Fixed problems with PostgreSQL and the addition and modification of permissions.

Release 1.0-2

  • User login now handled by VetTux applications
  • Fixed problems with sample data for database.
  • Windows 98 specific release available.

Release 1.0-1

  • First Windows 98 specific release available.

Release 1.0-0

  • First release of VetTux.
  • Shares the same libraries as KDE3, makes a smaller memory footprint.
  • SQL Database independence via Qt3.x plugins.
  • Supports for bi-lingual countries, as well as Internationalisation (i18n). Qt Linguist can be used to create translations.

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